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I'm Brooke Kochel, the Owner of Bendi Baby, Inc. Our tribe includes 5-year-old Sage Pilar (my assistant), and baby Rumi (my inspiration). In 2011, we spent the year at our family farm in Arkansas.

"It was there, with my then 2-year-old hanging from my Down Dog, that I realized the need for young children's yoga mats."

I also have a Master's Degree in Child Development, delivered babies as a Midwife, and studied yoga under Shiva Rea for six years, so the idea of the Baby Yoga Mat seemed to fill a developmental and practical need for mamas and infants.

Our concept progressed daily from our farmhouse, which literally sits in the middle soybean field. We wanted the company to have a "soul" and keep its "roots" as it grew. The Bendi Baby logo captures that essence by portraying a soybean, with a curviness that not only symbolizes the flexibility of yoga, but the organic "bending" in life necessary for living in the "flow" with kids. The four peas have come to represent my sweet family.

We've also traveled the world together. Our parenting philosophy was to keep living life at full speed and that our babies would make our experience even richer. Needless to say, Sage Pilar went to six different countries before she was one and has even met the Dalai Lama. At 4-weeks-old, Rumi was going to advanced yoga teacher trainings with Shiva Rea on her own mat!

I designed the mat with an on-the-go mother in mind. You can fit the mat in your diaper bag or purse and lay it anywhere for a clean, soft space for your mini. The uses for the mats are as creative as your family can be: yoga at school, Mommy & Me classes, picnics at the park, diaper changes in public restrooms, fun at festivals, naps at daycare, baby massage with Daddy or Special Needs physical therapy.

I hope you get as much joy from using the Bendi Baby mats as we found creating them.

Join our #benditribe on Instagram @bendibaby to connect and continue the conversation. Please tell your friends about us and come back often to see other Family Yoga Designs coming soon.

With Love & Light, from our family to yours...


Baby Yoga Mat by Bendi Baby Tot Yoga Mat by Bendi Baby
Baby Yoga Mat (Ages 0-2)
Our Price: $30.00

Tot Yoga Mat (Ages 1-4)
Our Price: $30.00